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Sock Rag Doll

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Each Sock Rag Doll is unique and hand created using new socks. Filled with 100% safety stuffing and sewn with loving care. All creations are CE certified and come with a label attached. Each monkey also has a special little birth certificate for you to complete. 

The Dolls are approx 35cm head to toe and are wither with a Tutu or Dress. Heights can vary slightly as they are handmade and all socks stretch at different rates. Any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As all our Sock Rag Dolls are unique; we cant list everyone on our web site. Please take a look at our GALLERY to choose the one you want.!/media/set/?set=a.695262060586779.1073741874.267084980071158&type=3  Then Place your order and once paid and complete you can contact us via facebook or our web site with your chosen Sock Rag Doll.

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